creating flower and tree essences




The concept for Avalon Essences was inspired from a passion for creating flower and tree essences, and all things natural. As founder of Avalon Essences, and as a flower essence practitioner and holistic therapist for the past 17 years, I love the subtle yet very effective healing that nature can bring.  Essences have long been used for healing and have become more mainstream in recent years. Avalon Essences has been created to bring you a range of tree and flower essences which are collected during the seasons of the year, following nature.  Creating Tree and Flower Essences

We are all cyclical beings, your emotions ebb and flow, strongly connected to the cycles of the natural world.  This was the main inspiration to create essences from nature which complement these cycles. The range of flower and tree essences complement the seasonal flow of the year, to support you as you journey through the months.  

creating flower and tree essencesFor example, creating flower and tree essences from the bud of the hazel, and the bright yellow daffodil, as the sap rises and all springs to life, as do we when we see the colours of nature blooming, to lift your spirits.  These essences bring you revitalised energy and passion for life!  During the autumnal months, when the leaves are turning to golden orange colours, creating essences from the Beech Tree, to help you to stay grounded and centred, to manifest all that you desire. 

On your journey through life, you are met with so many challenges and opportunities for growth and change.  The Avalon Essences range of aromatherapy essence sprays have been created to support you throughout. 

Some days, you may notice that you feel a little low on energy, maybe during the darker months of the year, when the Sun seems so far away, so there is an energising spray for you to help to focus on the positive.  As we approach the end of the Summer, we tend to focus upon what we have achieved to date, and what changes we need to make to improve the quality of our lives, so I have created an aroma essence spray to support you during transition and change, which can often be difficult.

At various times in the year, we have the desire to cleanse and detox our mind and body, creating flower and tree essencesAvalon Essences aroma essence spray for emotional release has been created to support you during times when you experience a cleansing flow of emotions, which in turn can help with a physical detox also.  This completely holistic approach is very much inspired by the work of Dr. Edward Bach, who was the great pioneer of tree and flower essences in the UK.  He was a physician who believed in treating the person, not the condition.


Thank you for visiting my site, creating flower and tree essences is my passion and I hope that you enjoy browsing these pages and/or using any essence sprays that you may buy.