Aromatherapy Essence Sprays



We use only natural ingredients in our aromatherapy essence sprays,  high quality, pure essential oils, organic grain alcohol, natural emulsifier and of course filtered spring water to blend with our unique flower, tree and gem essences.  

100% natural healing and balance for mind, body and spirit.  

Essential Oils

The evocative aromatherapy blends you will enjoy in our fragrant essence sprays are created from high quality essential oils sourced from all around the world.

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Flower & Tree Essences

Energetic flower & tree essences are collected and bottled by hand, from places of outstanding natural beauty in the UK, preserved in organic grain alcohol.

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Spring Water

The water in our sprays is sourced from natural springs and wells, including the healing White Spring and Chalice Well on the Isle of Avalon

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 We collect our flower essences from hedgerows, woodlands and meadows in the UK

Hawthorn, Lilac & Wild Rose

Self-Esteem Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray for Unconditional Love

Dandelion, Cow Parsley & Oak 

Compassion Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray For Emotional Release

Elder, Shepherd's Purse & Spelt

Attract Abundance Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray to Nurture Yourself

Awakening Your Senses...naturally