Chakra Balancing

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As  physical beings we are also spiritual and emotional beings,  energy flows through our bodies and keeps us alive and full of vitality.  Healing practices such as acupuncture, reiki and reflexology, among others, are very much concerned with how the energy flows through what are called meridians.  These energy meridians or channels run through our body from head to toe, when they become blocked or the flow through the energy meridians slow down, this can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

This energy is very subtle and therefore it is the above mentioned, and other forms of subtle energy healing such as vibrational healing using crystal and flower essences, that can help to bring things back into balance.

Chakra is Sanskrit for the word “wheel” and that is what the chakras appear like to those who can see them!  Spinning spheres, vortexes or wheels of colour is how many clairvoyant and psychically gifted people describe these subtle energy centres.  Most Eastern spiritual disciplines refer to the seven chakras, but many believe that there are many more “minor” chakras throughout the energy system of the subtle body.

We tend to focus on the main seven, which are positioned wherever lines of energy (meridians) meet or cross over.  The picture above gives you an idea of the location of the chakras, which run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.    Each of the seven chakras has its own attributes and special qualities to keep us in balance.  When one of our energy centres becomes slow or even blocked, we can feel out of balance on many levels.  There are crystals associated with each chakra, mainly found to be the same colour as the energy concerned, so for the base chakra which resonates as red, the crystals and crystal essences used can be red calcite, ruby, or red jasper.

Base Chakra – At the base of the spine

Sacral Chakra – Just below your belly-button

Solar Plexus Chakra – Beneath your ribcage

Heart Chakra – In the centre of your chest

Throat Chakra – At the base of your throat

Brown Chakra – Between your brows (known as the “third eye”)

Crown Chakra – On the top of your head


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