Essential oils have long been used for their therapeutic, healing and uplifting qualities.  Our blends are created with high quality oils, ethically sourced from all around the world to bring you the most beautiful, natural fragrances to create positive change in your life.



Calm Your Mind

Does your mind feels cluttered or are you feeling the need to slow down your thoughts so that you may see clearly?  Try our aroma spray for clarity of mind, with a blend to calm the thoughts, as well as energetic protection against any negativity.

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Uplift Your Senses

Have you been experiencing low mood, depression or have you experienced S.A.D. during the winter months?  The aromatherapy blend in our healing essence spray can soothe and balance, bringing healing on many levels.

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Soothe Your Emotions

If you are experiencing an emotional time in your life, and need to allow your feelings to release and flow, this aroma essence spray has a beautiful blend of oils that will support you in releasing your emotions, allowing them flow.

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Calming, Soothing, Rejuvinating


Purifying, Harmonising, Uplifting

Ylang Ylang

Releasing, Energising, Balancing

Oils and absolutes to promote relaxation, balance and a sense of deep inner peace