flower essences

The flower essences used to create our sprays are unique to us.  Each of our flower essences is sourced from British flowers and trees, by either collecting the dew from the plant or tree concerned at sunrise, or by collecting fallen leaves, blossoms and twigs and placing them in crystal clear bowls of spring water in sunlight.

Enjoy Natural Well-being and Positive Energy

Feel Energised

Essences of spring daffodil and hazel bud, collected when the sap is rising and the fire is returning to the earth can help to renew your energy and restore your vitality

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Increase Confidence

Essences of Wild Rose and Apple Blossom, collected when all of nature begins to flower, encouraging you to shine and radiate confidence, to be seen

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Embrace Change

Essences of Elm and Fallen Apple Leaf collected at Summer's end, to support you as you accept new beginnings and endings with positive thoughts

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Experience Healing with Plant Power

Apple Bud, Apple Blossom & Apple Leaf

Beautiful flower essences to raise your Confidence

Daffodil, Hazel Bud & Clover Leaf

Vibrant flower essences to increase your vitality

Beech, Blackberry & Horse Chestnut

Grounding flower essences to bring you stability & manifestation

Embrace life with Confidence & Positive Energy!