Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray For Energy & Vitality



Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray For Energy and Vitality

This uplifting aroma essence spray contains British flower and tree essences of Daffodil, Clover Leaf and Hazel Bud to bring increased vitality and energy!

If you have been suffering from low energy and feeling tired, or a stuck feeling of inertia, this aroma essence spray can help to fire up your energy and return your zest for life.  This spray will put a spring back in your step!

Beautifully fragranced, the essential oils in this spray include May Chang, which is uplifting and rejuvenating, and Bergamot which brings feelings of joy and boosts energy. Use as body mist spray, to both uplift and support you energetically, as you also enjoy the powerful effects of aromatherapy.

Artha is the Goddess of inspiration, creativity and courage, allow yourself to shine!


Affirmation “I am energised and full of vitality and zest for life”



Goddess Nature Aromatherapy Essence Spray For Energy & Vitality

Aromatherapy essence spray for energy & vitality is a body fragrance and mood enhancing energetic flower essence spray. Mist gently around your body and your energy field and enjoy!

If you work with healing, such as Reiki or reflexology for example, you may also spray this upon your hands before you carry out any of your healing work, bringing the transforming energies to your work.

Artha Goddess Nature Aroma Essence Spray is a 100ml atomiser glass bottle and contains spring water from The Chalice Well and White Spring, flower essences of  and a beautiful blend of top quality essential oils.


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