water to create flower essences


Water is the element of our emotions, water has memory. We use spring water collected from natural springs to capture the signature, the imprint of the healing qualities of the plant, tree or flower part concerned, which is termed as its 'essence'. Flower essences are a gentle way to heal with nature.


Healing Waters

Essences created with water from the ever flowing Red & White Springs on the mystical Isle of Avalon.  For thousands of years people have visited these sacred springs to bathe in & drink the wonderfully fresh, healing waters.

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Emotional Flow

We are all deeply emotional beings & as such we respond to the element of water.  Being by the ocean, listening to gently falling rain, or immersing yourself in a warm bath at the end of the day soothes your mind, body & soul.

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Cycles of Nature

Our planet is approximately 70% water, the ocean ebbs & flows, pulled by the gravitational force of the Moon.  Our bodies are also approximately 70% water, you continue to ebb & flow,  physically, emotionally, spiritually.

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Attract Abundance

Focus your attention upon positive thoughts to create your positive future

Ground and Centre

Regain focus and stability, manifest the reality which you most desire

Radiate Confidence

Raise your self-esteem and allow your light to shine so brightly

Create Emotional Balance & Stability